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Our Policy for Protection of Personal Information

On the official home page of Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Federation(thereafter referred to as "the site"), we shall appropriately handle matters related to collecting, using, or managing personal information as follows and we shall make an effort to provide a safe site for our users.

What is personal information?

  "Personal information" is any piece of information regarding an individual including his or her address, name, telephone number, Email address, etc. which could be used to identify the person whose information it is. Personal information is not only a name any other piece of information that could lead to the owner of the information by combining any another piece of information. 

Collecting personal information 

We collect personal information on the site only when users choose to provide it to us. On such occasions we shall specify the purpose for collecting personal information from users. 

Limited usage of personal information 

We shall use collected personal information only for purposes which have been specified.  We shall not use personal information for any purpose other than that which is specified beforehand without the users' consent. We shall not provide personal information to a third party without the users' consent unless the disclosure of personal information would compromise legitimate agency objectives or law enforcement purposes.

  Regarding the management of personal information 

We shall take appropriate security measure to protect collected personal information from disclosure, unauthorized access, alteration or destruction  To provide better services for our users, we may contract out to a third party to manage and run part of the site. We shall enforce them to take appropriate security measure to protect collected personal information from disclosure, unauthorized access alteration or destruction.

Exemptions from obligation 

We shall not be responsible for a third party obtaining personal information under the following circumstances. 
1.When a user discloses his/her own personal information using the services on our the site or by any other means. 
2.When information is provided to our site by the user or when someone else unintentionally reveals the user. 
3.When a third party obtains personal information such as an ID or password, etc. which could identify the user.  

Safeguarding Personal Information 

The above mentioned policies will be reviewed from time to time and improvements will be made to the site with regard to the handling of personal information. We reserve the right to change policies regarding personal information without notice.

PDPA Officer in charge.

   Please contact Maria Carlson : corporate@apttf.org