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Asia Pacific Tourism Development

Through 2017 the major international visitor-generating markets will be driven by China in Asia, and the USA and Mexico in the Americas. Greater China – comprising China, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong SAR and Macao SAR – is expected to generate more than 261 million international arrivals to the 39 Asia Pacific destinations covered in this report, an annual growth rate of 7.9 percent year-on-year and an incremental increase in an absolute volume of over 19 million arrivals. While annual percentage growth from Greater China into Asia will expand by a little under the average (7.8%), the destinations of Asia will capture 95 percent of the volume increase between 2016 and 2017 from these origin markets. The Americas will capture around 3.4 percent of that volume increase and the Pacific the remaining 1.6 percent. Arrivals from Europe and Africa will each grow by 3.5 percent in 2017 year-on-year. While Africa is expected to generate just over three million arrivals in total during 2017, Europe will generate around 67.7 million arrivals to the destinations of Asia Pacific in that year. From within the European origin markets the Russian Federation is expected to deliver the largest volume of additional arrivals into Asia Pacific in 2017, adding over 373,000 additional arrivals between 2016 and 2017 and doubling its collective inbound count to almost five million in that latter year. The United Kingdom and Germany, however, remain the principal generators of arrivals from Europe, delivering 14.9 million and 11.3 million arrivals respectively into Asia Pacific in 2017. France will deliver 7.1 million arrivals in 2017, ahead of the Russian Federation. Australia is by far the largest generator of international arrivals from the Pacific into Asia Pacific destinations in 2017, delivering over 12 million arrivals during the course of the year, close to 620,000 more than in 2016.


Asian Lifestyle Tourism perspectives and initiatives has become the subject of an increasing level of both private and government interest. It is perceived to be important because of its economic and opportunity contribution as well as other influences such as the impact on community well‐being and the sense of pride that lifestyle tourism may engender – including sports tourism respectively. The concept, however, is fraught by definitional issues and this objective provides a discussion for developing a more succinct definition and framework for sport & lifestyle tourism to add to the debate. It is argued here that sport tourism is essentially event tourism and, as such, it is governed by the issues that affect events and lifestyle tourism activities of Golf, Yachting, Leisure tourism holidays (SPA/Honeymoon/Wedding) and others.
South East Asia countries are dominating the Golf Tourism businesses for past decade providing a huge increase of employment, tourism receipts and hotel accommodation. Namely Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.
Apart from Golf Tourism, Sea Sports and Eco Tourism are gaining popularity among young travellers from Australia, Europe and with Asians as well.


Sports Tourism in Asian region has come a long way, and APTTF has witnessed countless achievements in the last few years with many events happening in the region. However, the sporting success of a country goes beyond such achievements. APTTF and its partners need to also develop the actual businesses that help fuel the sporting ecosystem, and provide platforms for the sports industry to grow further. To this end, APTTF aims to grow a steady pipeline of quality sports-related business events that can act as thought-leadership platforms for members of the industry to exchange insights and best practices.
Asian Sports Recruitment International highlighted that "unlike Europe and North America, where sports business is dominated by clubs and teams thanks to advanced sports leagues, sports business in Asia is driven by rights holders entering the market selling media and sponsorship rights, media and content related companies as well as the agencies that support and drive such activity. APTFF will work closely with its partners ensuring more sporting events are to be organized in Asian region.


International tourism is increasingly driven by destinations' natural and cultural resources. To combine quality with profitability, resorts in the 21st century should be "Eco resorts." Ecoresorts will augment their guests' experiences by providing interpretation of the location and by offering guests the opportunity to participate in the destination's preservation. The quality of the destination environment, the potential for learning, and the complexity and authenticity of the experience will be important in the traveller’s destination choice. The challenge for eco-tourism is to enhance the tourism value of the natural and cultural resources in a way that will produce a ripple effect through local and national economies and also sustain the character of those resources. The future of resort ecotourism depends on solutions that provide for an enjoyable, authentic, and enlightening ecotourism experience despite conservation efforts that limit access to the heritage attractions.

APTTF Annual Tourism & Travel Awards

The APTTF Annual Award story

Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Federation (APTTF) is an annual celebration of honouring the best Tourism & Hospitality facilities in Asia Pacific region. Running successfully for the 3rd successful year, APTTF annual Awards are seen as the masterpiece Awards for all our winners. The APTTF Awards identify and recognise Tourism based on a basket of quantitative and qualitative criteria with a focus on growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision).
Each categories of APTTF Annual Awards are carefully planned from selecting the nominees and winners of the Awards campaign.  
To begin with, Entrepreneur is the premier regional awards for best developer/ entrepreneur of Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Industry. APTTF Entrepreneur Awards is an Annual Recognition programme organised by Asia Pacific Tourism & Travel Federation, naming the fastest moving businesses of Tourism & Travel businesses in Asia. To promote recognition of top businesses in a lucrative and dynamic market, the APTFF Awards has served as a symbol separating the best among the great.  
The APTTF Awards since its establishment has served as pinnacle of trust and benchmark of reliability among Tourism, Travel and Hospitality business owners in Asia Pacific region. Be it business hotel, resorts, travel, golf clubs and tourism & travel investments, or clients foreign and domestic alike, the APTTF Awards has become the beacon of attention on all platforms.  
Awardees are also featured in a Special Edition of the APTTF Online magazine and other supporting publications. They also participate in other programmes under the APTTF Tourism & Travel Framework.
APTFF Awards is the highest accolade for an Travel, Tourism & Hospitality owners to aspire for!