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Terms & Conditions

1.The APPTF Membership 2018 will be made eligible to winners of APTTF Awards only.
2. All membership application of APTTF Award winners will be a pre-approved application based on final voting results.
3. This form shall act as delivery of APTTF Award won by the winner and also the application form of APTTF Membership 2018.
4. This membership application must be submitted together with membership fee whichever applicable based on category of application.
5. Membership application must be submitted through online platform only.
6. Please ensure information provided are accurate and true.
7. Please submit your membership fee upon submission of the APTTF Membership Form.
8. The APTTF Award delivery is complimentary for all winners.
9. For any enquiry, please write in to corporate@apttf.com (Ms Maria Carlson).
10. All submission must be submitted before 20th July 2018.
11.I agree to enrol for APTTF Individual Membership at USD375.00 for 6 months which is subject to approval by the committee and I shall accept full refund if my membership is rejected by the APTTF Committee.
I have read and accept terms & Conditions